Studying The Effect of Smoking on Some Blood Parameters in Young Adult Male Smokers


background: The effect of smoking of cigarette on human health is serious and sometimes deadly.Aim of the study was to study the effect of smoking on some hematological parameters in young adult male smokers.Materials and methods: fifty males participated in this study, smokers (n=30) and nonsmokers (n=20). Complete Blood Cell Count was measured by Humacount 30 (fully automatic hematological analyzer).Results and discussion: the results showed that the smokers had significantly higher levels of WBCs, RBCs, Hb, PCV and platelets count ,whereas no significant difference was observed in MCV,MCH,MCHC between the two group. This result is due to the inflammatory and irritant effects of cigarette smoking on the body organs.In conclusion :the continuous cigarette smoking has sever adverse effects on hematological parameters and these effects may lead to increased risk of developing physiologic polycythemia, atherosclerosis and as a results cardiovascular disease.Key words: cigarette smoking, hematological parameters , Humacount