A Suggested Educational Teacher Preparation Program in Accordance with the Requirements of Knowledge Economy


The issue of teacher preparation is not a secondary issue anymore. It is now a critical issue derived by the development of the world especially because we are living in the age of great changes and challenges towards developing the craft of teaching and the quality of teachers. Teacher's development and efficiency programs become a must to keep up with the age of fast changes that we live in. The aim of this study is to present a suggested educational program for teacher preparation in accordance with the educational requirements of knowledge economy. The researcher used the descriptive method to achieve the aim of the study. The study consisted of four chapters through which he reached at certain conclusions:1.The success of knowledge economy depends on many factors, the most important of which is the success of the teacher to perform his roles as the engine of the educational process.2.The suggested program might achieve the desired aim towards developing and refining according to the requirements of knowledge economy and enabling the educational body to achieve its aim in the best way possible.The study has recommended the following:1.The need of crystalizing the concept of knowledge economy in the minds of the teacher before actual performance of educational situations.2.Preparing and presenting suitable descriptions for the roles of the teacher in the light of orientation towards knowledge economy which helps raising the efficiency of the teacher and refining his/her educational status.