Econometric and Standardized Study to Investment in Iraq for The Period (1997-2011)


The study aims to shed light on the merit of investment in the agricultural sector in Iraq for the duration of the study (1997-2011) through know the relationship between investment and output of the agricultural sector. Which is an indication of the extent of state support for the sector and therefore know the effect of stimulating investment in producers in the agricultural sector to increase and improve agricultural productivity. The study included four first chapter dealt with the first two sections included both foreground and research methodology. The second dealt with the most important reference for studies and research, which focused on the subject of investment review. Chapter two discusses the concept of investment in general and the types of investment and the factors determining his varieties investment and historical importance and the concept of investment this year in the agricultural sector and its funding sources as well as its characteristics and its objectives and its components and Kdlk included Hedda Chapter fixed capital formation .otnaol the third quarter and the reality of fixed capital formation pan sectors and the contribution of the agricultural sector in which the fixed capital formation private agricultural sector and the public and included Hedda chapter on the evolution of the value of plant and animal production and included the fourth quarter on two topics included the first relationship between capital formation, production and taking second part, conclusions and recommendations. Percentage share of the agricultural sector in total capital between 0.07835% composition as the lowest level in 2009 and higher-end has 18.71% in 1997 ranged The overall average of the percentage of the share of agricultural production during the study period is 4.13% of the total capital formation hard for all economic sectors in Iraq. And the lowest level for the size of investment in the agricultural sector was in (2009), while the highest level in a year (2006). We have reached the lowest value of plant production in 2009 and was the (3081) million dinars, while the highest value (2010), where was (4959.20) million.