The Training Requirements for Preparing Teachers from their Point of View


The process of paying attention to education in the elementary level is represented through focusing on preparing and training teachers in a way that is suitable to build a knowledge-based generation. Preparation and training ought to be based on a group of training requirements regarding the teacher as the cornerstone in reforming the educational system in basic stages. Such preparation should occur prior to and during the service so as to result in a well-qualified teacher of prominent performance. The study aims at:-Identifying the most important training requirements needed in preparing the basic levels teachers from their own points of view. The tool of (Barakat,2010) is adopted in the study after executing all scientific research procedures. It was applied on a sample of elementary school male and female teachers with a bachelor certificate in Diyala General Directorate of Education.After gathering the required data and processing them statistically, the researcher figured out the following results:-Ascendingly arranging the training requirements as in table number 2.-Finding out the training requirements of the basic levels teacher according to sex variable (male-female). It is noted that males enjoy a higher level of training in the training requirements than females because the measured T-value is more than the tabular value and in favor of males as the mean of their scores is higher than the mean of female scores in the sample of the study.Therefore, the researcher recommends the following:-Assembling training seminars or courses to specify the level of teaching cadres and the extent of their coping with developments in contemporary education.-The researcher suggests to couduct a similar study concerning the training requirements of making basic levels teacher from educational supervisors' point of view.