Studying the Effect of Oxidation Time on the Structural Properties of In2O3 Thin Films


This paper examines the effect of changing time of oxidation on structural properties of indium oxide triple (In2O3) thin films that are deposited on glass indium substrates and other of the silicon, by vacuum evaporation method of then oxidized by thermal oxidation technology. It was the thickness of the film (400 ± 10 nm) in temperature (673 K) and for different times . The results of measurements of structural properties (SEM, AFM and XRD) are at the time of the oxidation of one hour , the best properties which are obtained where the value of each of the roughness , rate of the roughness and grain size are of less ,as well as calculating the density of the dislocations , strain , number crystals and the value of each of them show the biggest at the same time .