Seroprevalence of ovine brucellosis in Baghdad province


This study was conducted to detect the seroprevalence of ovine brucellosis in Baghdad province by the use of some serological tests which include Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT) and enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA). 300 serum samples were collected randomly from sheep (61 rams and 239 ewes) in herds with a history of abortion and located in different areas of Baghdad (Abo graib, Al-Amerya, Al-Shula, Tagi, Al-Bakria, Al-Mahdia, Mahmodia, Al-Swaib, Al-biaha, Hay jehad and Abo desher) between September 2014 to February 2015. Serum samples were summited to serological tests to detect brucellosis. The study showed the seroprevalence of ovine brucellosis according to RBPT was 42.33% with a significant difference (p<0.05) between different areas in Baghdad were the highest prevalence was in Abo graib 68% and Al-Shula 60%, while the lowest was in Al-Bakrya 28%. Prevalence was recorded as 45.18% in ewes and 31.14% in rams and also the age group (1-3 years) recorded the highest prevalence 44% with a significant difference (p<0.05). ELISA test gave a seroprevalence 32.66% in sheep. It was concluded that brucellosis is highly prevalent in Baghdad province