Investigation on an Intermittent Absorption Refrigeration prototype powered by Solar Irradiation


In this study, a design and fabrication of intermittent solar absorption refrigeration unit wasperformed at Hillah city in Iraq)32.4o, 44.4o). The absorption solar unit consists of parabolic troughconcentrator (PTC) was used as solar rays mirror reflector with aperture area of 2 m2 , carbon steelpipe inside a vacuum glass envelop with a diameter of 1.5 in as tubular receiver, condenser, storagetank, evaporator. The aqua ammonia solution) NH4OH)is used as working fluid with differentconcentration (25%, 30%, 35%, 40%). The validity and visibility of the unit were evaluated bymeasurements of pressures and temperatures at different parts of the unit during a year from Maymonth 2014 to July month 2015. The maximum pressure and temperature is found to be 12 bar and120oC respectively. The coefficient of performance was in the range of 0.01-0.09.