Rhythm in Kutub Al-Aman


The current study deals with rhythm in Kutub Al-Aman . The study contains an introduction , three sections and a conclusion in which the most important findings were shown , as well as sources . Section one talks about poetic rhythm . The second section is a bout rhyme as a harmonic feature .Section the third deals with paronomasia as a harmonic feature . This paper ends with the important finding which is a contribution to make a positive interaction between text and receptionist and to establish the meaning to show authors' proficiency. It also contains a list of sources, and the sources are : Ktab Alsna'tein (Alktaba wal She'r) – classified by Abi Hilal Al-Askary , Al-Edah fi Uloum Al-Balagha : Alma'ni wal Bayan wal Bade'a by Alkhateeb Al-Qazwini . Jaras Al-Alfad and its semantic in rhetorical and critical study with Arabs by Maher Mahdi Hlal .