Estimation of Sediment Quantity Upstream of Al-Yaa'o Regulator


In this research, the modeling of sediment transport was performed and the transporting amounts of total material load were estimated in the upstream of Al-Yaa'o channel regulator located on the Euphrates river in the central of Iraq, the region of Al-Qadissya. The study-reach is five kilometers upstream Al-Yaa'o regulator; seventeen cross-sections were chosen along the area of study. These sections represent of the hydraulic variables and characteristics of sediments transported. For the purpose of estimating the real and accurate amount of total sediment discharge, technical dimensional analysis has been used to find the relationship to calculate the transition sediment discharge that fit with the hydraulic conditions and properties of bed materials in the Euphrates river in the extension fact at the upstream of Al- Yaa'o regulator. A new formula was obtained and compared with six well known formulas.