Ambiguity Executive Editor As one of the reasons for delay in the executive dossier


AbstractIf it is natural that the operational procedures contained in the file shall be the executive sequential sequence "timetable" or serial sequence "logically" to effect produced by its executive dossier aspire for a creditor to his right.If so, those dossier shall not apply to that approach are permanent, as is likely to occur by certain things that stand in the way to continue the process without the executive, these things form the exhibitors in the executive dossier delay the implementation of the decision in the port of Justice in certain cases.Perhaps the most prominent of these cases obscurity executive editor, it is the conditions that must be met in executive editor by supporting executive be clear and free from ambiguity, so if deposited rule to the implementation of the Directorate to implement it and found department mentioned vague, of Justice to delay its implementation, taking into account that this mystery of possible, also be inclusive of the whole rule.Whatever the mystery as well as the availability of the above leads to delays in implementation which in turn lead to a halt in the executive Sir binders for reasons stipulated by law or upon the decision of the competent court or upon the authority of the port of Justice.