Show the child A comparative study


Abstract Custody is a social institution based on the interest of the child in custody ,Therefore, Muslim jurists and the contemporary scholars agreed that seeing the child in custody is the right of one parent over the other who has the guardianship for it is one of the legitimate rights and as a way of the kin and keth Allah Almighty has ordained .However, they differ in the number of times for ever has the right to see him as well as the place of seeing him. But they are all agreed on that the place of seeing does not cause any harm to him physically and psychologically after these laws have allowed the parents of the child in custody to agree upon the time and place of seeing otherwise the judge shall discritionary regulated it when disagreement arises. Despite the Iraqi judicature and the comparative laws have tackled such a matter ,yet the problem is still there between the custodian and the one who has the right to see the child in custody , because the laws set by the legislatorsfor settling these problem have not mountaineer up to the level of serious solutions achieved the interest of the child in custody .