Building aTactical Knowledge Scale of Women's Futsal


Futsal has been entering as significant subject in the general curriculum of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Colleges in the Republic of Iraq. Theobjective of which is to let the female students learning and teaching the basic skills of futsal that depend on applying the tactical of playing of such as defense and offence team or individual one. As the researchers have played and taught and realized that when you are learning the basic skills there might be a neglecting of the scale of the tactical knowledge .the aim of the study is to prepare a scale of the tactical knowledge of the futsal of the first stage female students in the Physical education college University of Basrah , the number of the student is (32).thus the main conclusion of the study is that the scale of the tactical knowledge is apply to measure the students' knowledge of the offensive skills. Whereas, the recommendation is to use the scientific basis and modern manners in formatting the questions in order to achieve the educational and learning goals. In addition to use the current scale to realize the tactical knowledge of the female student in the Physical Education College.