Nonlinear Analysis of Spliced Continuous RC Girders Strengthened with (CFRP) Laminates using ANSYS


This paper presents the details of the finite element analysis of spliced continuous reinforced concrete girders. Five spliced continuous girders and one non-spliced continuous girder were analyzed using the ANSYS program. Each spliced girder consisted of three precast segments spliced at two cast-in-place joints at the inflection points, using splices of hooked dowels. Three spliced girders were strengthened using different schemes of the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates. The concrete was modeled using (SOLID65) eight-node brick element and the steel reinforcement was modeled discretely using (LINK8) spar element. The straight parts of the spliced bars were modeled using discrete representation with interface elements using (COMBIN39) elements to represent the bond-slip behavior while the hooked part of each spliced bar was replaced by a single spring element. The CFRP laminates were modeled using (SHELL41) shell element. The interfaces between the precast concrete segments and the joints were modeled using CONTAC52 interface elements in conjunction with vertical spring elements to represent the dowel action of the steel bars that crossing the interfaces. The ANSYS model succeeded to an acceptable degree in predicting the structural behavior of the analyzed spliced girders with average of differences of about 6% between the predicted and experimental ultimate load.