The Relationship between Gastrin Hormone and Fasting Blood Sugar Levels in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2


This study dealing with diabetic type 2 patients to estimate the relationship of gastrin hormone level and the fasting blood sugar in diabetic patients from plasma of blood, A total samples of this study consist of (n=67) of diabetic type 2 patients & 25 control. In this study the patients was divided in to three groups according the duration of diabetic,the percentage of patients who have duration of diabetes less than 10 years 34.4% (n=23) as 1st group, less than 20 years more than 10 years 32.8% (n=22) as 2nd group and equal or more than 20 years 32.8% (n=22) as 3rd group ,all samples test and control analysis the fasting blood sugar by chemical reagent (glusenate) and the reagent readied by spectrophotometer while the gastrin hormone level was analyses by enzyme immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit, This Enzyme immunosorbent assay kit is designed to detect a specific peptide and its related peptides based on the principle of “competitive” enzyme immunoassay. The results of gastrin hormone were readied by ELISA. Analysis was carried out using SPSS version 18. Categorical variables were presented as frequencies and percentages. There is significant differences( p