Assessment of Postoperative Nurses' Practices Concerning Care of Fracture Treated by External Fixation


Objectives: to assess nurses' practice level toward care of fracture treated with external.Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out at orthopedic wards in Al-Zhrawi Surgical Hospital -Missan Governorate. The study started from November 11th, 2014 to June15th, 2015. A non-probability sample of (50) orthopaedic nurses (male & female) who were working in orthopedic wards. The data were collected through the use of questionnaire, which consists of three parts, part(1)Demographic data form that consists of (8) items, part(2) concerning nurses' practices level toward patient treated with external fixation consist from (25)items, part(3) consist from(9) items concerning with external fixation device care. Checklist was used to collect data for orthopedic nurses. The validity of the checklist was determined through presenting it to (15) specialist expert and its reliability were determined through a pilot study which was carried out through the period from (22Jan-to 10th Feb, 2015). Descriptive statistical analysis procedures inferential analysis procedures were used for the data analysis.Results: Discussions of the study result indicated that the majority of items had low M.S (less than1.66)Conclusion: From the results it conclude that the orthopedic nurses have inadequate or deficit in some aspects related to postoperative care for patient undergoing external fixation surgery in orthopedic wards.Recommendations: The researcher recommend a special training sessions should be designated and presented to all orthopedic nurses that include specific training programs about nurses' intervention concerning care of fracture treated with external fixation. Authorizing and distributing a manual handbook or pamphlet to all nurses who work in orthopedic wards including nursing interventions in postoperative.