Contamination of Different Drinking Water Sources with Parasites in Basrah Marshes Villages, Iraq


Human and animal are the main sources of water and environmental contamination. This study aims to discover and determine the prevalence of drinking water contamination with parasites. A total of 425 water samples were colleted from Basrah marshes villages south of Iraq, during the period of November 2012 to May 2013. Water samples were examined by direct method and by sedimentation and floatation methods. From 425 water samples 155(36.4%) were parasitic and 270 (63.5%) were no contaminated. Entamoeba histolytica is the most common parasites that was detected in 34(8%) water samples followed by Giardia lamblia 31(7.2%) and then other types of parasites but in lower rates. The examinations included study some of the effective factors on the growth of these parasites such as temperature and pH. Statistically, there are significant differences (p<0.01) among the contamination rates of water samples for all villages of Basrah marshes. Parasites are found in various water sources especially that found in rural villages of marshes land showed a higher prevalence of contamination can be explained by poor sanitation and personal hygiene, also Style life and environmental of marshes land, contamination water supply, lack of filtration and rottenness of water distributing pipes and warm climate in Basrah province.