Prevalence of Anticardiolipin Antibodies in Pregnant Women with Recurrent Miscarriage in Al–Hilla city


In the present study determine the level of serum anticardiolipin (ACL) antibodies (ACL- IgM and ACL-IgG) in 30 pregnancies women who clinically diagnosed with recurrent miscarriage more than two times their aged between 21– 42 years, attending to Babylon hospital of maternity and children and 15 healthy pregnant women without previous miscarriage were included as control in the study which extended from April 2013 to October 2013. Blood samples and the required information regarded with maternal age and number of previous miscarriage were collected from both patients and healthy. It was shown from the results that 4 (13.34 %) cases of pregnant women with previous miscarriage were positive in ACL- IgM and 6 (20 %) cases of pregnant women with recurrent previous miscarriage give positive for ACL- IgG, while all result of test give negative in healthy pregnant women. An obvious significant differences at probability level (P < 0.05) found when make comparison between ACL- IgM and ACL-IgG level in both patient and healthy.