Assessment of Nurse’s Knowledge Concerning Braden Scale in Critical Care Units at Baghdad Teaching Hospitals


Objectives: To identify nurse’s knowledge concerning Braden scale.Methodology: A descriptive study was conducted in three teaching hospitals in Baghdad and for the period from Feb 1st 2015 to the 28th Feb 2015and these hospitals is Ghazi Hariri Hospital for specialist surgery, and Baghdad teaching hospital, hospital, al-kindey teaching hospital. In order to identify the knowledge of nurses concerning of Braden scale in critical care unit in teaching hospitals. Selected sample intentional (not probability) of (50) and nurse working in the critical care unite in teaching hospitals.Prepared the questionnaire form depending on the objectives of the study, and consisted of two parts, one dealing with public information and the second deals with the knowledge of nurses concerning application of Braden scale.Reliability of the instrument by a group of experts, data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics (frequencies and percentages) in addition to statistics deductive using PearsonCorrelation.Results: The results indicate that most of the sample of nurses they have moderate knowledge about the of Braden scale Conclusion: The study concluded that there is a relationship between knowledge of nurses with some variables such as level of education, year of experiences in nursing, and experiences in CCU. In general, the study concluded that the nurses had moderate knowledge about the Braden Scale.Recommendations: The provision of Training Courses for nurses inside and outside of Iraq