The Role of Concurrent Engineering In Enhancing Strategic Performance :Applied Research in Zora Public Company


This research aims to the relationship and the effect of concurrent engineering dimensions analyze (product design, process design, and supply chain design) on the dimensions of strategic performance (efficiency, and effectiveness) The research was conducted in public Zora Electrical Industries Company, on a sample of departments and officials, engineers, managers and people in the company amounted to (45) . A questionnaire was used for the purpose of data collection which has been adopted, with the use of statistical methods via computerized system (spss) for processing data , identifying them and testing the research hypotheses. The research found a set of conclusions which are the interest of the company researched in application of the methodology (IT) concurrent engineering, which promotes improved strategic performance, and the need to achieve high levels of flexibility in manufacturing its products in order to increase its ability for meeting the demands of customers and to ensure the production process requirements and all of the possible changes to occur in the future. The most important recommendations reached by the research is the need to manage the company to be focused on the operations of modernization and development of machinery and equipment in order to be adapted to produce the required products and make improvements on an ongoing basis to achieve high levels of flexibility, and the need to involve the customer in the improvement and development of product and process design starting from the initiation to work and ending after sales service and to meet the expectations satisfaction and beneficiaries.