Compared to the values of some variables Albyumkanikih to correction of the calculated jumping three points between the player the right corner and left


That scientific progress witnessed in various fields working on the development of our societies, and the growing interest by scientists and specialists and researchers achieve a quantum leap in all fields Among those sports field areas, and contributed to science Albayumkanak in follow up the sports movements in each stage of the performance stages and analysis, correction jump that characterizes strong team which can proficiency offensive performance of several different and remote centers. So demonstrated the importance of research analyzed the skill correction of jumping three points of the Albyumkanikih to get more accurate information, so evident research problem in the lack of knowledge of Albyumkanikih variables to correction accurately her difference in the right corner and left consisted scorer search to identify the differences in the values of certain variables Albyumkanikih to correction of jumping calculated three points between player right corner and left basketball ..oma research hypothesis that there were significant differences in the values of certain variables Albyumkanikih to correction of jumping between the central right corner and left. Players in the human field corner to Premier League clubs. Temporal area for the period from 03/10/2013 up to 04/26/2012. Use the search descriptive approach way the survey was conducted researcher main experience 04/24/2012 up to 26/04/2012 was processing the results by statistical program (spss) then view and analyze and discuss the results, the researcher has to try players in the center right corner, up a detailed angle annex to the moment of correction to get the ball variables Ovdil.oma recommendations mainly includes the performance of correction jumping Albyumkanikih according to requirements at each center.