Study the effect of irradiation by laser-ray on the optical properties of the nanostructure In2O3 thin films


In this research the effect oflaser irradiation N2 at 337 nm on the optical properties of the nanocrystalline In2O3 films subjected to laser irradiations with different power average (0.85, 1.70, 2.125 and 2.55mW ) for irradiation time (5min). By, by using UV-VIS spectrophotometer technique, can many of the optical properties account of study change spectral transmittance and absorbance of these membranes, such as the expense of absorption coefficient, and energy gap for direct transitions It was found that the band gap decreases when the thickness increases and the band gap values ranges between 3.5eV to 3.0eV.and calculate the reflectivity and extinction coefficient and refractive index and dielectric constant real and imaginary and optical connectivity. the exposure of the as deposited films to a selected dose of laser irradiation, the optical properties films varies with increase in the power average