Spot Welding of Galvanized Steel ASTM A653 Using Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper Interlayer


The effect of spot welding parameters (Current and Applied Load) are studied in welding of galvanized steel specimens. Three values of current 9600, 11000 and 12300 AMP and load of 350, 400, 450 kg are used. The results indicate that the shear force improve with increasing the current and decreasing the load. The optimum shear force is achieved with current of 12300 AMP and load of 350 kg. Those parameters is used to weld steel (with and without galvanize layer) using the OFHC copper as interlayer with different thickness (0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm). The results show that OFHC as interlayer reduce the shear force.