Comparative Study Of Hair Density Means And Correction Factor Mean Of Hair Density Of Shami Goat And Black Goat In Mosul Province


The research aimed to study the hair density means and the correction factor mean for the skin of Shami goat and to compare it with those of Black goat, as well as make a comparison of hair density for the another type. To achieve this goal, the hair density and the correction factor were measured in ten different areas from the skin of each two species of animals. Specimens of skin were taken from ten animals (five Shami goat) and (five Black goat) aged about(1-2) year and all animals were healthy clinically in November. Real hair density for asymmetrical areas were significantly varied between the 2 types of animals. Hair density in all studied areas in Black goat ranged about (8.89 25.51) mm2 and it was higher than that of Shami goat (8.53 24.81) mm2 with the exception in the area of ventral surface of the tail which emerged hair density in goat largest of them in black goat and was (5.83, 3.92) mm2 for goats Shami goats and black, respectively, and generally the hair density in areas dorsal surfaces and lateral of the limbs and the front is higher than in abdominal area and medial surfaces of the limbs for both species .