Effect of selection according to Body scales to improve quail specification: Body dimension and carcass traits


This study was conducted in poultry research station in animal resource department / general agricultural researches staff / Ministry of Agriculture, from the period 9/3/2013 to7/2/2014. We used in this experiment 240 quail bird and consider as a foundation herd of experience and we obtained two spawns represent the first generation by 541 in the first chick brood quail and 663 for the second chick spawns and 738 for the third chick spawns ( from the second generation). The body weight and breast dimensions (Length, width and depth of breast) were measured individually and distributed parents flock to the three treatments by repeating each treatment and Distributed according to the value of body measurements index. The current study aimed to investigate the effect of the selection on a number of body measurements and its effect on certain body dimension and carcass traits. Bird achieved in higher line significant differences in the character of the carcass weight and the weight of the breast and thigh deterministic the rest of the lines in the two generations. While the low line in categorical significantly superiority in weight of the back for the two generations. Average carcass weight was 146.54 & 160.87 g and weight of breast 62.07 & 72.16g, weight of thigh 21.03 & 25.31g, weight of the back 11.65& 11.94 g in the first and the second generations respectively. On the other hand, exceed the higher line on trait of length, width and depth of breast on to the rest of the lines in the two generations. This study shows the possibility of obtaining the positive effects of the election on the body in accordance with the standards in many qualities, also this study shows positive effects on carcass traits and could be used in the election programs for genetic improvement in carcass traits.