Fuchs Uveitis Syndrome Clinical Features, Visual Outcome after Cataract Surgery and Complications


Background : Fuchs uveitis is a chronic non-granulomatous specific uveitis entity. It is a common ocular disorder in Iraq and in different parts of the world. The aims of this research are to study the clinical features, complications and determining the visual outcome after cataract surgery.Patients and Methods: (76) patients with Fuchs uveitis presented to Ramadi Teaching Hospital were prospectively studied ,there were (40) males and (36) females aged between (16) years and (60) years. Clinical assessment including thorough slit lamp examination, visual acuity, intraocular pressure measurement and fundus examination was done for all patients and cataract surgery was done when indicated. Results: Results showed that the clinical features of our patients are similar to the classical features of the condition, low incidence of glaucoma (3.9% )only and cataract surgery is safe with very good visual outcome in (77.63%) of patients. Conclusion : FUS patients have clinical features similar to the classical features of the condition with low incidence of glaucoma . Cataract surgery is safe with very good visual outcome.