Response of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) plant grown in plastic house to some decomposed types of organic matter


An experiment was conducted in Horticulture Department./Al-Najaf Agricultural Directorate from 15/9/2013 to 15/12/2013 in autumn season and from 15/ /2014 to 15/5/2014 in spring season, to study the effect of two volumetric ratio of adding three decomposed plant organic residues in addition to plastic house soil only in chemical and physical properties of soil, vegetative and production parameter of Cucumber plant Varity Saif F1. Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) was adopted with three replicates by two factors .The first two ratios of adding of the above residues( 10 and 20% for each one), Second three types of plant organic decomposed residues (Wheat straws ,rice residues and mushroom residues culture) and control treatment(soil only), and their interaction between them. Least significant differences (L.S.D) was used to compare means at probability of 0.05. Results showed that a ratio of 20% and mashroom residues culture at 20% gave a significant superiority compared to control in chemical and physical properties of soil (percentage of organic mater, pH, Ec ) vegetative characteristics( plant height and shoot dry weight ) chemical characteristic ( percentage of total carbohydrates in fruit, nitrogen, and phosphorus in leaves ), in addition to increased number of fruit per plant and plant yield to 18.730 and 19.100 fruit and 1.952 and 1.957 Kg compared to control treatment which gave the lowest value of 16.160 and 16.210 fruit and 1.533 and 1.536 Kg for autumn and spring seasons, respectively