Evaluation Sesame extract in reduction the toxicity of Aspergillus niger on date


The aim of the study is to isolate and diagnose the Mycotoxic fungi from dates in order to decreases them and their toxic effect. The results of isolation and identification from dates showed the dominancy of four species of fungi that belong to three genus, Aspergillus, Penicillium and Rhizopus. Whereas A. flavus was the most dominant followed by Aspergillus niger, Penicillium and Rhizopus, the incidence rates were 42.85,35.71,14.28, and 7.14 %, respectively. The PCR results showed compatibility between phenotype and phylogenetic for isolate A.n.1 of Aspergillus niger which having molecule DNA site compare with the standard ladder sized 150 base pairs and this indicated that the isolate is belonging to the fungus Aspergillus niger. The chemical tests of chromatography (TLC) for Aspergillus niger showed that 9 out of 45 isolates produced Ochratoxin A. also results of this study ,showed that the sesame extract highly effective in protecting some of vital systems of male rat from the toxic effects of Ochratoxins A and infected dates with A.niger . The hemoglobin concentration incresaed from 10.5 ,12.0 g . 100 ml-1 in the blood of animals treated Ochratoxin A (500 microgram . Kg-1 body weight of animals ) and infected dates with A.niger only both separately to 13.33 ,13.17 g . 100 ml-1 in the blood of animals treated with sesame extract through the mouth before giving it ochratoxin A and infected dates with A.niger respectively . The sesame extract play a major role in maintaining blood levels of physiological criteria other PCV and the rate of white blood cell count within natural range . the sesame extract is also effective in improving the blood levels of some biochemical criteria studied for the enzyme GOT and GPT ,urea and total protein. For the histological study has the toxin ochratoxin A and infected dates with A.niger effected on the tissues of the organs of the liver ,kidneys ,spleen and intestines. The microscopic examination showed the presence of congestion vascular and hemorrhage and mononuclear cell infiltration around the central vein in the liver . and hypertrophy of the wall of glomerulus and decay times in the kidneys and red bulb hyperplasia ,white bulb hyperplasia, degeneration and slashing in the spleen .and analyzes the villi and dwarfism and inflammatory cells in the intestine. The histological study showed that sesame extract has provided relative protection on liver, kidneys, spleen and intestines, illness changes in animals organs were not detected.