Heterosis For Yield and It's Components of Maize ( Zea mays L.) Using Diallel Crosses


Ten genotypes of maize were used in this study which were( ZP-341, ZP-434, Drachma , Farnce-44 , NK-Vitorino , Klips ,Corina, Ronaldino-200 ,Dkc-5684 ,Zp600).Entered in half –diallel crosses program as a method of griffing to get (45) crosses during spring seasons of (2014-2015) R.C.B.D with three replicate to study the heterosis by two methods (deviation from first fileial median to parents median and the best of them) . Study of the traits ; number of rows ear , number of grains and hetrobilotiss row , number of the grains ear , weight of 100 grains and grain yield of plant were recorded . the data showed high significant differences between the genotypes ( parents and the first filial hybrids) for all studied traits at 1% level of prob. The hybrids (DKC-500 × ZP-600 ) (France-44× Nk-vitorino) ( Drachma × zp-600 ) ) ( Drachma × DKC-500) ( Drachma × France-44) (ZP-434 × France-44) deviation of first Dielial on mid- parents and the best parents of studied .