The effect of different Concentrations of alcoholic extracts of Aloe Vera on infected broiler with Emiria tenella


This study was performed from 20/4/2013 till 24/10/2013 to investigate the effect of Aloe vera extracts on the physiological and productive performance in (weight increase, cansumbtion ,food conservation and body weight) befor slugtery of the broilers infected with Eimeria tenella. For this purpose 144 one day old chickens (Rose 308 Trade Mark) were used and divided into 4 duplicated as follow :1-(T1)- The first group (control group ) included 36 chicks and were given food with no anti-coccidial.2-(T2) -the second group included 36chicks in duplicate were infected but did not treated.3-(T3) -the third group included 36 chicks in duplicate, The chicks were given extract of Aloe vera Alcoholic extract in a dose of (0.5-1.5-2)gm per mm body weight.4-(T4) –the fourth group included 36 chicks in duplicate, The chicks were given Vetacox (trade Mark)that had both Sulphadimidin 80 gm and Diver din 8gmResults showed the following :-Alcoholic extract of Aloe vera at concentration (0.5 , 1.5 , 2 ) after an infection in the fifth week revealed a little effect on the H/L when compared with eighth week of infection . Also this extract lead to increase the rate of (PCV) , (Hb ) , and (RBC) while the rate of the (WBC) was decrease the rate after eighth week of infection at a concentration of 2 .In addition alcoholic extract lead to increase the rate of cholesterol, total protein and the rate of weight in the eighth week , while the amount of feed intake and feed conversion showed a little effect , as well as the body weight before slaughter has a strong effect at concentration 2 in the eighth week of infection.