Statistical relationships of some soil physical properties and organic matter content


This research was conducted to study the effect of different organic matter percentages ( 0.41 , 2.5 , 5.0 , 7.5 , and 10.0% ) with different texture soils ( loamy sand and silt clay loam ) on the values of particle density , bulk density and soil porosity , so to determine the quantitative relationships between the soil organic matter content and above listed soil physical properties . The factorial experiment with complete random design was used to achieve the study with three replication. The results showed that there are significant effects of the organic matter percentages on particles density , bulk density and porosity . So these effects can be represented by many equations which be derived from the relation between the organic matter content and studied properties , and because of these equations have high correlations ( the R2 values more than 96% ) , they can be utilized to determine each studied property from the percentage of organic matter to save the time and costs which be required for their investigations.