Effect of adding biostimulative Bio health and Salicylic acid on growth parameters of potato plant Solanum tuberosum L c.v – Bellini


An experiment was conducted in a private fields in Alhaidariya Al-Najaf province , to study the influences of adding biostimulative Bio Health and spraying Salicylic acid in growth parameters and yield of potato product c.v (Bellini). during Spring and Autumn seasons 2014 - 2015. Four levels of Biohealth (0,2000,4000 and 6000) g.ha-1 and three concentrations of Salicylic acid (0,75 and 150) mg.l-1was added. Experiment was adopted as Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D). with three replicates means were compared by Duncan Multiple Rang test at the level of probability of 0.05. . Results showed the superiority of the treatment of adding biostimulative (Biohealth) at level 6000 g.ha-1 and spraying with Salicylic acid at concentrate of 75 mg.l-1 in plant length (86.00 and 76.70) cm . plant -1 , number of plant leaves (81.10 and 73.93) leaves. plant -1 , total leaf area (2833.80 and 2509.28) cm2.plant -1, average tuber weight (97.00 and 85.00) g. plant -1, plant yield (0.884 and 0.756) kg.plant-1 , total yield per unit area (46.00 and 40.32) ton.h-1, and starch content (13.06 and 12.78%) in Spring and Autumn seasons respectively as compared to control treatment which gave the least values.