Design and Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Operating at TM03 mode with Single and Stacked Structure for Bandwidth Enhancement


The goal of this paper is to enhance the bandwidth of a Rectangular Patch Microstrip Antenna, RPMA, operating at higher order mode, TM03 mode, using three techniques: thick substrate, capacitive-feeding and stacked patches techniques. The constant of substrate, for all designs, is 9.8 with loss tangent 0.001, Alumina substrate. Four RPMA’s operating at TM03 mode are designed: a conventional RPMA with two thicknesses, thin and thick substrate thickness, a capacitively-fed RPMA, and stacked capacitively-fed RPMA. The composite effect of integrating the three techniques is appeared in stacked capacitively-fed RPMA design. This design offer a wide bandwidth reach 65% with maximum gain 8.78dB. The performance of these designs(VSWR, the far field radiation pattern, and the current distribution) has been analyzed with the aid of Microwave Office software (MW-Office 2006,Version 7).