Geomorphological Changes in Al Ideim Estuary in the Tigris Using GIS and RS


The study dealt with the geomorphological changes in Al Ideim estuary in the Tigris which lies between the latitudes 34.02 and 34.10o North and the longitudes 44.16-44.18o East. The data used from the satellites ETM2008, TM1990, and MSS1973 accompanied by the processes of correcting and enhancing for clarifying and facilitating the classification of the scanned area. SRTM radar data was also used. The study discussed a number of topics. The first one was analyzing the natural criteria affecting geomorphological change. The second section investigated geomorphological figures in the study area, while the third section analyzed the changes in Al Ideim estuary. The fourth section studied the factors affecting geomorphological changes of the river estuary. The study has reached some conclusions. One of them is that there is an interaction between climatic effects and tectonic activities that participated in geomorphological changes in the study area. The creep of the river was one sided which is to the east, and following the general typographic slope of the area. The possibility of creeping in the same direction still exists providing that the circumstances exist. It was also discovered that the area of union with The Tigris was not stable over the passage of years; it has undergone many changes until it reached the present position near Balad District.