Intellectual roots of Islamic mysticism


(Abstract)Islamic mysticism is one of Islamic philosophy fields, which originated and evolved in the light of Islam and civilization; It has received numerous and extensive studies, academic or specialized research, diversified approach and style and mixed up the views and numerous sects and all of them tried to clarify various aspects of the truth, and we discussed this; One of these Studies that have tried to deal with an important aspect of it and the ideology roots of this aspect; some theory was believed to be an Islamic experience which has pure introduced ideas, direction and morality of the essence of Islam itself. There is no need to search for ideology roots or foreign sources for Islam, and The others theories argue that go towards an emphasizing the mysticism is nothing but philosophy mentality derives elements of Greek philosophy and other philosophies and through the study of the roots of the ideology sources, we found that the visionaries in which side is right, the fact that mysticism Islamic heritage must be the basic roots and the first is an Islamic but that does not mean he was not one way or another influenced by other elements which we referred in some detail in the search.