The sources of international Law in the second millennium (B.C) The Late Bronze Age


(Abstract) In the second millennium BC, the international community change at the ancient Near East, There has been a significant developments with the appearance of five kingdoms (Babylon, Assyria, Mitanni, Egypt, and Hatti) called themselves the (Great Powers) and their kings named (Great King), and Correspondence among themselves on behalf of (the brothers), to differentiate themselves from the small kingdoms Minor of them.Our knowledge expanded guarding to the large number of treaties, which was held between them and with the kingdoms, There are more than thirties treaty helped in the fifteenth century to the thirteenth B.C, These treaties were written in cuneiform & clay tablets, Some of them in the form of fragments, except one treaty written on a tablet of bronze in Hatti stayed in good condition, these treaties were discovered in the archives of the Hittite capital Hatuša .