Synthesis ,Characterization and Study of Liquid Crystalline Behavior of New Bent Core Mesogenes Derived From Isophthalic Acid


Two series of bent core mesogen containing 1,2,4-traizole ring [X]a-e and [XI]a-e were synthesized by many steps starting from esterification of isophthalic acid with methanol to yield diester compound [I] which was converted to their acid hydrazide [II] and the acid hydrazide reacted with ammonium thiocyanate or phenyl isothiocyanate to yield compounds [III] and [IV] , respectively . Then cyclization by 4% NaOH to yielded 1,2,4 traizole-3- thiol compounds [V] and [VI], respectively, afterword adding hydrazine hydrate to yield compounds [VII] and [VIII] .These compounds condensated with different substituted aldehyde to give new Schiff bases[X]a-e and [XI]a-e,respectively. The synthesized compounds were characterized by melting points , FT-IR and 1H-NMR spectroscopy (some of them).The liquid crystalline properties were studied by hot stage polarizing microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry DSC for compound [X]b . The compounds [X]b , [X]c and [X]d showed mesomorphism properties while the other compounds did not show any mesomorphic behavior.