Effect of spraying of boron on growth parameters of Ficus nitida L. transplants


An experiment was conducted in the nursery which belongs to Al-Hilla municipality directorate, Babylon province from the period of 25/4/2013 till 27/6/2013 to study the effect of spraying with four concentrations of boric acid ( 17% B) ( i.e. 0, 25, 50, and 75) mg.L-¹ on growth parameters of Ficus transplants .This experiment was designed according to Randomiz Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) with three replicates. Means were compared according to the Least Significant Difference (L.S.D) at probability 0.05.Results showed that a significant superiority of spraying with boric acid at concentration of 75 mg.L-¹ in vegetative parameters (transplant height, stem diameters, total number of leaves and branches and leaf area), and roots parameters (mean number of main roots, fresh and dry root weights), and leaves transplants content of potassium percentage, its content of boron, the percentage of nitrogen and potassium, and the content of boron in transplants roots compared with spraying with distilled water only which gave the least values