Towards a Comprehensive Perspective of Human Capital Management Options, Processes and Measurement Strategic


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to provide clarification on the nature of the concept of human Capital, towards enhancing the awareness of the management in how to deal with it invest it and maintain it as part of a strategy to ensure the practices of the management to achieve meaningful returns from this investment.Methodology: The researcher focused on the review of a number of research that discusses the implications of human capital in an attempt to provide perceptions that contribute to the creation of a management approach in dealing with this important component. Here the researcher provided a theoretical model of which business organizations can invest in this area. Highlights: Business organizations cannot achieve success in investing in human capital without a philosophy and convictions rooted in the culture of the organization of the importance of this approach in achieving future successes-Originality and Value: Providing a model for human capital options multilevel management that can accommodate different practices of this concept according to a comprehensive vision