Intelligent Speed Controller Design for a Spark Ignition Engine


An intelligent and anticipatory speed controller for internal combustion engines was designed theoretically and examined experimentally. This design was based on the addition of a torque loop to the main speed loop. The model can sense the external load with the help of a load cell and send this signal to a soft computing unit for analysis and processing. This scheme will improve the ability of anticipation of controller since it treats the factors that affect the speed, not the speed itself. The experimental design was implemented using two types of actuating techniques; an intelligent throttling actuator and an intelligent injection actuator. The signal was analyzed by using intelligent techniques such as fuzzy logic, neural network and genetic algorithm. The experimental data were used to train the neural and the Adaptive Neuro–Fuzzy Inference System. The comparison of the results obtained in this work with other available models proved the efficiency and the robustness of the present model.