partial MPEG-4 video encryption schema using RC6 algorithm


Securing video has increased in the past few years, security and privacy issues of video data have become a very important concern, in this paper introduce secure selective encryption applying on MPEG-4 video file based on the file format of the MPEG-4 using RC6 encryption algorithm and XOR operation,the method implement in two stage first analysis and reaching to the data frames, second applying the encryption method on (I and P) frames only, the method make all blocks in all selected frames linked with each other using one public key,the decryption begin from the last block in the last frame to the first block of the first frame using one privet key,each block encrypted by RC6 with his own key, the different keys generate by RC4 to all blocks and avoid reapeted keys, the experimental result shows that the proposed method are secure and don’t increased the size of the file after encrypt it.