Role of salicylic acid and Sucrose in the elongation vase life of Dianthus caryophyllus L.


An experiment was carried out in Horticulture and landscape gardeningdepartment in Faculty of Agriculture in Kufa university at season 2014, Theflowers were collected at 15th of April 2014 to test the addition of salicylicacid(SA) in different concentrations ( 25,50,100and150 mg.L-1) with sucrose atconcentration7% or the using sucrose alone at a concentration of 7% comparedwith control treatment (distilled water).Results showed that the best treatmentusing 100mg.L-1of SA with 7% sucrose which gave the highest fresh weight(g)and the highest quantity of absorbed water 26.00 g and 11.79 cm3 respectively,compared with control treatment (distilled water) 22.75 g and 5.53 cm3respectively ,while the treatment of 150 mg of SA with 7% sucrose gave thehighest percent of sugars content 7.97 g in contrast with control treatment(4.72g).The highest respiration rate 110.50 when sucrose solutionused alone in comparison with 50.10 when 150g of SA and 7%sucrose was used. This treatment increased the vase life of cut flowers to (8.95days) compared with control (distilled water) (4.00 days)