The Technical And Economic Feasibility Study Of Setting Up A Waste Paper And Cardboard Recycling In Erbil City


This research tries to technical and economic feasibility of recycling waste paper and cardboard in the city of Erbil project study, by showing the importance of the project to the city of Erbil, and described the technical operations, in addition to identifying the stages of the feasibility study and the costs and benefits accruing for the proposed project analysis, and application of economic evaluation criteria and making assumptions on the sensitivity analysis of the proposed project.Has been validated hypothesis, and concluded that the benefits relative to the costs of the current value of the proposed project at the discount rate (11%) of (1.366) Net present value at the same price (41,287,640) US dollars, and the internal rate of return for the project using rates discount (31% and 36%) was (32.16%) and comparing this rate with the rate of interest in the business expenses of (11%) clear that the project achieves a return head net of (32.16) US dollars, which refers to check the economic feasibility of the project.