Contract amendment will of the individual


The decade of the most important constituent sources of obligations and most commonly used in daily transactions and established principles of civil law principle (the binding force of the contract) under which compel parties to the contract, including Artazavh then when the contract was made right became necessary contract and no party can modify or set aside, but an exception may be the judge In some cases, contract modification for the existence of emergency conditions at the conclusion of the contract, can also be one of the parties to the contract amendment of his own individual application of the principles of justice.The contract amendment will of the individual either be on the terms and conditions obligations that comprise the contract expressly manifested this image in many applications in Iraqi civil law, such as the requirement for the benefit of others, and bank credit and the right of easement, or to focus the amendment by adding exceptional question not addressed in the contract and treat this Iraqi legislator Amendment when organizing agency contracts and loan note that the most important justifications solitary amendment of the contract is to restore the balance between the contracting party if someone is weak or in the well-ordered contract and maintain normal.