The Outlook of Renewable Energy Production in Iraq “Wind Energy Case Study”


Using of renewable energy considers one of the most important indicators in achieving a sustained development. It is major tools to reducing carbon dioxide emissions resulted from consumption of fossil fuel such as oil and coal which are main source of environment pollution. However, wind energy is a vital option for the possibility of using of one of renewable energy resource in Iraq. This paper is based on a hypothesis, which postulates that the use of wind energy resource in generation electricity to diversify balance of electricity power in Iraq is required studying and analysing the geographical factors, particularly wind speed in order to find a substituted source for power generating. And for proving or disproving the said hypothesis, this paper is designed into three sections in addition to the conclusion. However, the results obtained have disproved the study hypothesis, and we therefore accepted the alternative ones. This implies the technological progress has revealed that the wind energy generation does not only rely on wind speed, where the new technologies – which invented by several companies like Enercon Company in Germany – have made wind turbines operated by a low wind speed (2 – 4 M/S). Finally, the study suggested a number of recommendations that targeted possibility of engaging of wind energy in Iraq in light of its potentials, climatic situation and technological progress. Key words: Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Wind Speed, Sustainable Energy, Enercon Company.