In a study comparing the values of some variables kinematical To correction calculated by two sides of basketball


Albayumikanek science comes at the forefront of this science direct contribution to the study of the movement and analysis of the mechanical movement to reach optimal performance through identifying strengths and weaknesses to achieve the best sporting achievements with minimal effort and time of possible scenarios , and the study aimed to 1-Identify the values of some variables Elkinmetekih to correction of consistency with two points between the sides of the basket2-Identify the differences in the values of certain variables Elkinmetekih to correction of consistency with two points between the two sides Basketball 0I have used a descriptive approach to solve the problem in a manner survey research and the research sample included some national team players basketball 2013-2014 AD 's and (5) players has been the main experiment to search on 09/12/2013 AD at three in the afternoon , " and at the Hall closed club SoC sports in the province of Basra , the use of a researcher camera type (Sony HDR-XR 520) number two (2) during the experiment , and also use your program analyze mathematical skills (Dart fish) to extract the variables Elkinmetekih , and after processing the data to a computer on according to statistical program SPSS Ver 10, was reached a set of conclusions , including : it turned out that the player is working to increase the bending angle in the hip when you start the correction in the left side bigger than it is in the correction of the right side . The main recommendations are:The need confirmation on a variable angle hip when you start on the correction as required duty motor and Bouktlav point of correction.