Effect of Some Antibiotics on Cellulolytic Digestion Bacteria and Lactic acid Production Bacteria Activities In Arabi Sheep


This study was conducted on five Arabi ewes equipped with rumen fistula and kept indigestion crates. Animals were fed on 350g of wheat bran, 150g barley and 250g green alfalfa. Mineralblocks and water were available at all times. The first field experiment lasted for 100 days to study theeffect of four widely used antibiotics (Amoxicllin, Erythromycin, Ampicilline and Oxytetracycline) ontotal count of rumen bacteria, count of cellulolytic bacteria and cellulose digestion. Supportingmeasurements such pH. Results showed The use of either Erythromycin or Oxytetracycline caused asignificant drop (p<0.01) in the number of cellulolytic digestion bacteria, compared with that rescoredfor the control. use of antibiotics lead to a significant drop in lactic acid production bacteria. Therewere no significant differences in total number of bacteria by using the various antibiotics. Significanteffect of Amoxicllin or Ampicilline usage was found on cellulose digestion compared toOxytetracycline or Erythromycin. The effect on cellulose digestion was noticed at last often 12h ofadministrating antibiotic. Additive of various antibiotic did not affect rumen pH.