Aim of Study is to classify the basketball players according to physical abilities , the skill performance and the bodies measurements in different position of play .


The researchers use the description curriculum because it is suitable to solre the research problem , the community of the research were the specialist school in al-diwaniyah province with (16-18) in 2013,the research made the investigation experience to know the using tests of the research speciemen and dealiy with the crude degrees simply to explain them by using the statistic means (mathematical medum , the deviation coefficient the precent portion , the depending , the classify ) the in the units different analysis and the moral discrepancies tess test ) the researchers recommended of the following : The correct chosen classify of the position type which is suitable with the bodies, skill , physical player characteristic that make distinguish in his performance . the distinguish of each group from the bodies measurement , skill , physical abilities after the classification are special element with the position type which connected with the player in that position . the researchers recommendation to depend on the using test in the basketball players classify according to different play positions . we can consider this test as a measurement to know the players performance level from time to time Keywords: classification , especial physical abilities , compound skill performance , bodies measurements