Synthesis and Characterization studies of Some New Transition Metal Complexes with Tridentate Azo Ligand Type (ONO)


Three New chelate complexes have prepared by reacting the ligand 2-[(4-Antipyril)azo]-3,5di hydroxyl toluene (4-AAPDHT) with the metal ions Zn(II),Cd(II) and Hg(II). The preparation has demeanor after limitation the optimum stipulations and concentration through (UV-Vis)spectrophotometric study of these complex solutions have been studied for an extent of pH and concentrations which conform Lampert-Beers Law. The structures of complexes are Evidenced approbate to mole ratio method which were gained from the spectroscopic studies of the complex solutions .The proportion of metal:ligand obtained are (1:2) for all complexes ions. (UV-Vis) absorption spectra of ethanol solution of complexes exhibited bathochromic shift, as compared with that of free ligand. The infrared spectra of the chelating complexes have been studied ,this may suggest that coordination between the metal ions and the prepared ligand takes place. The elemental analysis, metal contents and the conductivity measurements of complexes It has been identified, depending on these results, the proposed geometrical structures of the complexes of Zn(II),Cd(II) and Hg(II) ions are octahedral.