Checklists of Trematodes of Freshwater and Marine Fishes of Basrah Province, Iraq


The literature review on trematodes of freshwater and marine fishes of Basrah province, Iraq indicated the presence of 54 trematode taxa. Ninteen species of such trematodes were recorded from freshwater localities, while the remaining species were reported from marine localities. All these trematodes belong to the subclass Digenea except Aspidogaster enneatus which belongs to the subclass Aspidogastrea. All the reported trematodes are adults living in the stomach and/ or intestine of their hosts except Transversotrema haasi which was found in the skin, while eight species occurred as larval stages (metacercariae) in skin, gills or eyes of their hosts. The total number of trematode species for each fish host species fluctuated from a minimum of one trematode species in 13 fish hosts to 15 trematode species in Silurus triostegus only. Number of fish hosts reported for these trematodes fluctuated from one host in case of 32 species to 22 hosts in case of Ascocotyle coleostoma.