Use of universal 18SrDNA gene and CHROMagar Candida medium for the identification of Candida species isolated from denture wearers.


Candida spp. are considered the most important species able to cause oral infections in denture wearers during the past two decades, from 35 swab samples were isolated from denture wearers showed only 12(34.3%) positive culture result on SDA , PCR products test (genotypic methods) to the universal 18SrDNA fungi gene amplified for these positive culture isolated gave bands at the position 260bp when compared with standard molecular DNA ladder. In this investigation, chromogenic agar test (phenotypic methods) products showed 7(58.3%), Pink, mauve colonies were identified as Candida krusei, 3(25%) blue colonies were identified as Candida tropicalis and 2( 16.7%) light green colonies considered as Candida albicans, and showed [C. krusei, C. tropicalis] were negative to germ tube formation test and C. albicans was positive to germ tube test.